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6 Steps to Starting a Business as a Freelance Accountant

Almost all companies need an accountant to manage their finances. Some companies are not able to recruit employees full-time or permanently so they use the services of freelance accounts. Basically, this profession is the same as other accountants, but freelancer accountants have more flexible working hours.

Generally, after working as a freelancer accountant for 2-3 years, you can develop a career as a full-time accountant. The majority of them usually choose to become financial planners or chartered accountants after equipping themselves with sufficient education. If you are interested in exploring the profession as an accountant freelancer, here are ways you can get started

Determine the Services Provided

The first thing you have to do to start a business as an accountant freelancer is to choose the services you want to provide to clients. For example, you can provide bookkeeping services that involve financial reports, checking data with bank statements, and so on. If you wish, you can also offer additional services such as audit preparation, loan preparation, business training and accounting software .

Get Certification

If you really intend to become an accountant freelancer, get certified so that you have official qualifications as a professional accountant. In Indonesia, the Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI) has designated the Indonesian Chartered Accountant (CA) as the qualification for Indonesian professional accountants according to international standard guidelines. Of course, you must first take an accounting professional education in order to take the professional accountant certification exam.

Buy Accounting Software

Get software aimed at accounting purposes. Choose software that you can customize to meet client needs, easy to use, and of course, have an affordable price. If necessary, join the training for accounting software programs to meet client needs. As an alternative, you can use Sleekr Accounting , a cloud -based accounting software that allows you to access data from anywhere as long as there is an adequate internet connection. You can register yourself and get a free trial now.

Determine Wages

For not being a full-time employee of another company, you have to set your own wages. Decide whether you want to be paid weekly or monthly. Consider additional costs if you have to travel to your client's office. The wage rates for accountant freelancers in each region are generally different and depend on their respective professional experience. Those of you who have been in the accounting world may be able to get more wages.

Join a Business Organization

Don't hesitate to join business organizations in your area of ​​residence. Introduce yourself to the business owner and give an explanation of the accounting services you provide. Schedule a meeting with members who are interested in your business. That way, you can explain the service in more detail about the work process and the wages you specify. Who knows, you might get lots of clients from there.

Submit Resume

You must actively send resumes to companies or parties who need a freelancer accountant. Tell them the benefits of recruiting you to manage accounting. However, you have to accept that generally, clients will not provide health insurance and other facilities to you. You can "take advantage" of this as one of the advantages that your services have rates that tend to be more affordable.

As long as you have an educational background in accounting, you can immediately get certified to become a professional accountant. That way, the path to the freelance accountant profession can be opened wider.