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11 Easy Way To Search For Business Capital

When deciding to build your own business, the first thought is whether You have sufficient capital? Capital is indeed the most important factor in opening their own business. Without capital, it looks like a business plan will stay a dream and difficult to be reached.

Huge presence or absence of capital depending on the type of business that will be built. If the business to be started is the grocery store for example, then capital will be greater than if You build a business of buying and selling pulse. So also the business capital catering will be more expensive than venture capital to make the issuance of who can currently use digital.

Please be aware, search for business capital is not as difficult as a few years ago that only through conventional channels such as banks. Now a lot of ways to obtain venture capital for people more creative. Don't believe? Please check the eleven easy way to get capital for Your business:

A Bank is a place that most often target people who need business capital. There are loan programs at the bank called credit multi guna (KMG) where You provide a guarantee for example property assets or of the motor vehicle to the bank. The interest rate offered between 9-12 percent with a tenor of between five to 20 years, depending on the amount of loan taken.

2. Borrow from Banks without Collateral

You can also borrow money to the bank with the personal LOAN or Credit Without Collateral. This loan is a favorite of the seekers of capital because still get the money though without providing a guarantee of anything. The flowers are larger than KMG that between 10-23 percent! It is recommended to take the tenor is short.

3. Wear Savings

You do not like to owe to the bank because they feel the interest charged is too high? You can wear savings to be used as business capital. This way is much more secure because there is risky debt.

4. Sell Assets

If You have assets such as property, motor vehicle, gold or other investments that profitable, why not sold to be used as venture capital? If Your efforts succeed, You can buy assets that have been sold back with more and a lot more.

5. Mengadaikan Assets

Honey on Your assets? Well why not mortgaged to the institution of the pawn? This way including the benefit because You keep obtain venture capital, while their assets remain intact. But don't forget to redeem it back because if not the assets that will be seized by business liens. When the price of the pawn is nothing compared to the price of the asset if sold.

6. Borrow from a Friend or relative

Another way is to try to get loans on people close to You for example at friends, relatives, in-laws, cousins and others. A loan from them may not much as You borrowed in the bank, but that loan is usually interest-free.

7. Participate In The Training

Another alternative is to get capital distributed by the institute for economic empowerment. These institutions often conduct training, training or workshop that You can follow. Usually after training, there will be information about access to business capital. Institutions the organizers of this training for example labour organization united nations ILO or the institution of kredit usaha rakyat (KUR)

8. The Joint Venture

You can invite friends or relatives to open a business along with venture capital. Venture capital in the Joint venture will also be beneficial because the capital and work will be divided equally, including also divide a loss. However do a written agreement about the division of the proceeds between You and your partner work to avoid conflict in the future.

9. Capital of Consumer

There is also a way to get capital from potential customers. Wow what can? Of course, can. You can ask for a money advance Your services first on the prospective consumers, for example 30 percent. The money advance that can be used as capital until the job is complete and get the payment entirely. This way is often done on the catering business, screen printing clothes or laundry business.

10. Franchise

Franchise system this means the business cooperation between the business owners and businesses. The distribution of profits based on the agreement that has been agreed and business owners will provide all facilities and capital which will then be run by businesses. This system does not issue a lot of capital for the businesses. But You must choose a brand franchise that is already known, so the possibility of profit is greater.

11. The Sponsor of the Website

The last way that is the current trend of seeking venture capital is sponsorship through the website of a particular technology-supported internet advanced. The name of the term is still crowdfunding. The Program is still relatively new in Indonesia, but has long been known in foreign countries. How you offer the type of business that You will create through one of the crowdfunding sites and the visitors who are interested to be a sponsor who donated the money. Instead, You could give mercenaries a reward in accordance with the regulations in the site. Some crowdfunding site in Indonesia, for example, Might, Realize, or AyoPeduli.

Oh yes, to be honest, the venture capital obtained is usually not so large compared to how to find capital already mentioned. But there's no harm trying right?

Define Business First

Before choosing a few options how to get venture capital as mentioned above, it helps You to decide what kind of business will be cultivated first. You have to know in detail what should be done including the risk that must be borne. If You are already convinced to do business independently, well what are you waiting for? Discover how to find venture capital is most suitable for You and congratulations on becoming a entrepreneur.