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9 Financial Goals Before Reaching The Age Of 30


Whether You've set Your financial goals? Being in your 20s is an exciting time - You finally have the freedom to set your own rules, and You understand the value of personal freedom intact. But don't forget, independence also means are able to support yourself financially. Then now, at this age is the perfect time to start working toward financial security. Learn financial goal that must be achieved before the age of 30.

Well, this means You have to pay all Your debt including student loans, credit cards and any debt auti debit. Because all the payment of this debt there is interest that must be paid, and some of the flowers which is very high. Focus on paying off Your debts because the repayments and interest will continue to suck up money. Then complete the payment until the debt is completely paid off. Pay off debt with high interest then You can save money more easily.

2. Create Monthly Financial Planning

Save and pay off debt far more easily when You have a budget plan every month. When you're free and not busy, You could start to write down all the income You and the cost You need to spend in a month. Set aside money for rent, bills, food, entertainment, paying debt and saving. If You have some money to spend, then change Your financial plan to save money.

3. Stop Impulsive Shopping

Impulsive shopping can reduce the amount of Your savings - and will get stuck in the habit of often a waste of money! Before You buy items, ask yourself these questions; Do I need this? Why? Do I pay by money weekly allotments I, or with my savings?

Aturan praktis yang baik adalah jika Anda membayar dengan tabungan, maka batalkan belanja Anda. Jika Anda membayar belanja Anda dengan anggaran belanja mingguan, datanglah kembali keesokan esok hari dan belilah barang itu jika merasa masih membutuhkannya.

4. Plan A Career Based On Financial Goals

Kemungkinan Anda sudah memiliki rencana untuk memajukan karir Anda dan mendapatkan lebih banyak uang, tetapi menulis rencana karir dapat membantu Anda untuk memperkuat rencana itu, serta memotivasi Anda untuk bekerja keras mencapainya. Cobalah untuk menetapkan batas waktu untuk mencapai tujuan karir Anda, karena dengan cara ini Anda dapat memastikan bahwa hal tersebut berjalan sesuai jalur.

5. Get Rid Of Shopping For 'Luxury'

Most people have luxury items or shopping for yourself something extravagant on a regular basis. Try to keep track of Your spending for a month and see how much money you dissipate it.

For example, many people buy lunch or coffee every day, but suppose to make coffee and eat Your lunch alone can make a difference a large financial. Try to cut one by one luxury shopping, and save your money instead.

6. Pay A Bill You On Time

One of the financial goals that are most important in your twenties is paying the bill You're just in time. Unpaid bills will make a still have a bad credit record, and can accumulate making it more difficult to get paid. Try to keep paying bills on time and make automatic payments in Your account so never miss to pay the bill.

7. Save Funds for Emergency Purpose which is Equivalent To the Cost of Living For 6 Months

The amount of 6 months cost of hodup may seem like a large number. But with the savings that You will eventually have enough savings to cover half the year's cost of living. Surely Your life in the future will not stress if You know You have a safety net for worse case scenario in life.

Try to also make savings in an account with a high interest.

8. Saving Up To Buy A House

Indeed looks are not important to save money to buy a house in your twenties, but if You've paid off all Your debt can be started saving for a house. Saving for a home takes a long time, and the sooner You start, the sooner You will be able to get the home of Your dreams.

9. Wise Investing

Investment is a useful way to increase Your savings, but make sure You invest wisely. Seek the guidance of trained professionals, and ask for guidance whenever making an investment decision. Try to record the investment, because it will help in making financial decisions of Your own in the future.


Nine of the above try slowly you apply to at the age of 30 years later you're financially independent. Because financial independence would be more easy for then to take the future decision whatever it is, for example, get married or pursue higher education.