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9 Great Turnover Home Business Ideas That Are Suitable for Young People

Home business can be an effective way to increase income even at home during the pandemic.

Moreover, if you feel that your monthly salary is not enough to meet your daily needs. Unfortunately, many people underestimate income from a home business , especially for beginners. In fact, if done seriously and carefully calculated, the home business that you think of as a side business can grow rapidly and become your main income.

Interested in starting a home business? Following 9 easy and large turnover small home business ideas below, let's!

1. Electronic payment agents
Have you ever felt lazy coming to the supermarket to pay your grocery bill because you ran out of money in your mobile banking ? Good chance detected!

From the problems above, you can take the opportunity as an electronic payment agent. You can open services for intermediary payments for various digital transactions such as money transfers between banks and digital wallet top ups , pay electricity bills, PDAM, pay TV, internet and telephone, and many more. Interesting right?

2. Selling electrical pulses and internet packages
For cellphone users, surely it will not be separated from the need for credit and internet packages, huh!

Apart from being an electric payment agent, you can also open an electric top-up service and internet packages from home. You only need to look for credit vendors and internet packages that specifically sell to credit resellers at low prices available even on online shopping portals . Finally, prepare a banner with an attractive promo in front of your house to attract potential customers around you !

3. Become a dropship
Business without capital, does it exist? There, please!

Yes , the dropshipping business can be said to be a business that you can try without any capital at all. Yes, you only need communication tools such as smartphones and good marketing communication . Dropshipping itself is a popular business model in today's internet era. The dropshipping business involves a third party ( dropshipper ) who bridges the relationship between buyers and producers ( suppliers ) of goods.

In this business, you as a dropshipper will ask the supplier of goods to send goods to your buyer. It is as if you are the main seller of the product you offer. In fact, you only promote items that the supplier owns .

4. Selling food or drinks
The food and beverage business can be a business that will never die. Of course, because people always need food and drink intake. Well , if you have skills in cooking various foods such as home-made side dishes, fruit salads, dry snacks, cakes, to pastries, try opening your food business at home, let's!

Apart from food, the beverage business is also interesting to try. Starting from selling coconut ice, fruit soup, to coffee, which is being loved by many people today. Interested in trying it?

5. Shoe, bag, and hat washing services
Apart from the home-based businesses above, laundry services for shoes are also booming lately, you know!

Apart from shoes, you can also offer various other items such as shoes and bags. Don't forget to provide attractive promos or offers to your potential customers, OK!

6. Opening graphic design or video editing services
Do you have skills in editing such as making graphic designs to video editing? Wow, business opportunities in this field are quite large, you know!

From home, you can easily find vacancies on the internet that require freelancers for graphic design and video editing. In addition, you can also open graphic design and video editing services at home by making a banner in front of your house.

7. Rental business
Do you have various production equipment that many people need, such as camera and computer equipment, to playstations? You can also take business opportunities by opening rental services , you know!  

Because the purchase price is expensive, of course many people need rental services for several items like the one above. If your rental service is busy being used, it is possible that the capital to buy these items can be returned in a short time.

8. Become a freelance writer
Do you like writing? If so, it's time for you to glance at opportunities to make money from your writing! You can become a freelance writer to make product reviews , write a script, write articles or news, and participate in writing competitions.

9. Upload interesting content on YouTube
Are you interested in becoming a Youtuber and already have interesting ideas for topics to be discussed? Unfortunately, you may lack the confidence to show your face in front of the camera. Relax, not all YouTubers have to show their happy faces in front of the camera , really!

For example, if you have extensive knowledge about the world of technology and gadgets , you can try to make interesting reviews on YouTube without showing your face. In addition, you can also make interesting video tutorials, such as how to edit videos, solve problems on smartphones and computers, and become an independent tutor.

So, here are 9 small capital home business ideas with large turnover that are suitable for young people. Which business are you interested in starting ?