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Increase Income, 5 Business Ideas You Can Try When New Normal

The government has indeed started a policy of transitioning to a new normal alias new normal after the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) have been relaxed. But, not a few of us are still afraid to leave the house for fear of contracting the corona virus. Several companies are still implementing work from home (WFH).

If you include the likes searching activity or extra income, there are a number of business ideas ya can you do when the new normal. Anything? Come on, check the list!

1. Food or culinary business
Indef's Senior Economist,  the food business will still be excellent. So many people will still order food online.

"People are still at home and not going to the restaurant to hang out," he said in a live Instagram with IDN Times , Tuesday (9/6).

If you are worried about buying food outside due to hygiene problems and others, you can use this as a business idea, you know. You can try your own cooking food business. So, all you have to do is prepare the complete ingredients and the buyer just needs to make it yourself.

"There is a new trend with cooking at home because people are not sure about it outside. Businesses that provide a set for making cakes are selling well. Providing one packet of butter flour

2. Health drink business
With increasing public awareness of health, there is a chance ya for health food. For example, you can sell empon-empon drinks which are believed to ward off the corona virus. You can also sell other health drinks such as ginger, ginger milk and others.

3. Designing workspace
Who does n't want to have a comfortable workplace during WFH? Well, this could be your business opportunity by creating a comfortable work space for other people. With limited space or furniture, of course people will need a design that fits their home.

"Finally people start tidying up houses that sell like architects. People want to be at home, so it's good for WFH," said Netralid.

4. Take advantage of marriage or virtual travel
You can also offer organizer services such as wedding organizers (WO) or tour guides virtually.

"Maybe WO should think of a new way because people get married virtually. This is interesting.

5. Sports clothing and equipment production business
Not being able to go anywhere doesn't mean not exercising. So, Netral suggests that you try a sportswear or sports equipment business. You can also use a clothes bolt that is comfortable to wear at home in hot temperatures like now.

"People become diligent in sunbathing. What do people need at home and during this COVID-19? This must be paid close attention to," he said.