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Avoid 5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Hosting

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Hosting - Most people often feel cheated into thinking that the best hosting that offers one of the features called unlimited bandwidth means that you as a client will actually get unlimited bandwidth, but actually this is not happen. When choosing hosting for a website, there are a number of mistakes that most people make. Here are 5 common mistakes you need to avoid when choosing a hosting for your website.

1. Understanding Unlimited Bandwidth

As I said above, this is a major mistake. Any company that offers something unlimited is basically they don't state the truth in detail. Usually about this unlimited explanation is written on the page of terms and conditions (try to read it) which states that "Unlimited" which actually means "in fair use".

It's like when you are attending an event and are providing a buffet meal. You can't really eat everything that is provided there. At some point you will be asked to pay more for what you take. Most websites don't require unlimited bandwidth (as most people can't eat everything on the buffet, even if it's free) so hosting companies rarely offer that in reality.

2. Deceived the price

The price you see is usually written big and clear, but you have to be careful and look at the bottom, you will see some other prices that are checked or crossed in red, these other prices are often deceptive, even though when you make a payment in the first month or first year it's free for these prices, you will still have to pay in the following month or year, which makes your payments swell.

Indeed, this problem varies from one company to another hosting company. So you really need to read the small print and make sure you know how much you really have to pay for your hosting.

3. Stuck With Customer Service

Again, it is really worth doing your research before you make a hosting purchase. Make sure you look at the history of the company and read customer reviews, preferably on a trusted site or forum. Most people don't think about it until things go wrong, and realize when it's too late and you're stuck with a bad hosting company and bad customer support.

Many companies offer 24/7/365 support. That's 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Of course this does not mean the quality of service they provide is not 100% good. Even those 24/7 posts are just a sweetener that they don't really help. You have to try each of these customer support services, how long it takes for their online chat to reply to you, how long they respond to calls and the contact form provided when you ask a question.

4. Upgrade When You're Not Ready

If your website cannot support large amounts of traffic, then it means you need to upgrade your hosting package. Your hosting company will have access to statistics about your site and will advise you on what you need most right now. The majority of web hosting plans provide excellent upgrade options. There are often great offers for existing customers.

If you are with a good hosting company, they will appreciate your business. It's in their interest to make you happy and maintain a good relationship between the company and the client. Don't be afraid to expand your site when it grows with massive traffic, and don't be afraid to invest in the upgrade price with your hosting provider.

5. Not Doing Research

After all, in this internet world there are tons of good and bad and even downright ugly web hosting companies scattered about like trash. There are scams, there are bad companies that don't value you as a customer and there are companies that don't operate ethically. But on the other hand there are eco-friendly web host companies that keep up with all the energy they use.

There are companies that have won awards for their customer service and their hosting products and there are companies that provide only excellent hosting. The best way to find the right hosting to avoid choosing a hosting mistake is to do some research on the hosting company you want.

Determine what you really want, find out what they have to offer and then decide if they are really right for you by looking at how they operate. Always read reviews or reviews but remember that every site is different. So what may be good for one customer but may not be relevant to you.